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New research carried out for Southern Cross Health Society shows the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders suffering from joint, neck or lower back pain are not doing anything about it(1).

80% of kiwi’s have or will experience neck, back or joint pain(2), with 1 in 5 in the workplace currently experiencing pain. Only around a quarter of these people are taking any action to improve it(3).

Joint, neck and lower back pain is a large financial burden on employers as it accounts for one in four sick days with desk workers(1).


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Chiro Balance presents

Beat Back Pain in the Workplace


This is a simple 30 minute workshop (that can be conveniently done at your office) will arm your staff with practical action they can start today to improve posture and minimise pain.

Your entertaining presenter, Dr Roz Griffiths is a Chiropractor with with post-graduate studies in posture and wellness.

Attendees of the workshop will:

  • Learn simple tips to improve posture in the workplace, including how to pick the right desk & chair.
  • Find out how to reduce pain faster & stay that way allowing them to be more productive and have better quality of life.
  • Have a better understanding of why posture is important.

For more information, please contact or 0279498262

Dr Roz also has a private practice on Dixon St & Paremata.

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