Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

Most Chiropractic techniques ensure that your nervous system is functioning optimally by making gentle

adjustments to the spine and skull. The spine and skull are important because they protect the brain and spinal cord. Chiropractors remove interference to the functioning nervous system by ensuring the joints of the spine, pelvis and extremities are functioning correctly. The spine holds our body upright and creates anchor points that connect the various fascia supporting our organs and muscle systems. The pelvis forms the foundational support of the human skeleton. It supports the upper body to the skull and assists in transferring our weight to our legs.

The main technique that our chiropractors use at Chirobalance is Sacro-Occipital Technique or SOT. SOT is a specialised, comprehensive, gentle and innovative technique of Chiropractic founded in 1925 by Dr DeJarnette and since then has continued to be studied and researched around the world. It is named SOT because it focuses on the relationship between the base of the spine (sacrum) and skull (occiput), and the spine that connects them.

SOT is a gentle holistic chiropractic technique that addresses pelvic and spinal distortion patterns called categories. Organ dysfunction and support is addressed through chiropractic manipulative reflex technique (CMRT). Cranial techniques are used to help facilitate spinal and pelvic adjustments. The whole body is addressed not only spinal function.

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) acts as a circulatory system for the brain and spinal cord. CSF transports nutrients to the cells of the brain and spinal cord and assists in eliminating noxious waste from these cells. One of the functions of the sacrum is to pump CSF from the base of the spine back up the spinal canal to the brain and throughout the nervous system. Correct diaphragmatic breathing assists this vital process.

We also utilise diversified, thompson, activator, logan basic and applied kinesiology. If you have a particular technique that works well for your body, please let your Chiropractor know.

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