Chiropractic & Posture

Do you have:

  • Slouching shoulders or one shoulder higher than the other
  • Pain related to a particular position (sit, stand, sleep)
  • Tight neck, shoulder or back muscles that doesn’t resolve with massage
  • Stiffness in neck, spine or legs
  • Increased sensitivity to pain
  • Osteoarthritis (degenerative) at the base of the neck or the bottom of the back

Have you ever thought about your Mother’s advice about making a good first impression? ‘Sit up straight and pull your shoulders back’!

Of course good posture looks nice, but its real importance is much more than cosmetic. What most people fail to notice is that your posture is merely a reflection of your spine. If your posture is out of balance on the outside, chances are it is because your spine is out of balance on the inside and it is unlikely to get better on its own. A 2015 study has shown some improvement in correcting both head position and spinal curvature with chiropractic adjustments(1). We know the best results come with a change in lifestyle, this includes targeted stretches, postural correction and strengthening exercises (2)(3).

The good news is help is at hand: At Chiropractic Balance specialise in examining your body as a whole to get to the cause of your poor posture.

We want to improve your posture and keep you like that so you can keep doing the things you enjoy.

If you have posture concerns, at your first visit we will review your history and do a thorough examination to see if imbalance is causing your poor posture. If we can help, we will begin working on correcting it. But we don’t stop there, we look at your lifestyle for what might have caused the posture problems in the first place and build a program that will work for you.

We help you focus on making supportive changes that can include exercise, nutrition, posture advice and wellbeing.


(1)Gong W. (2015). The effects of cervical joint manipulation, based on passive motion analysis, on cervical lordosis, forward head posture, and cervical ROM in university students with abnormal posture of the cervical spine. Journal of physical therapy science27(5), 1609–1611.
(2)Granacher, U., Lacroix, A., Muehlbauer, T., Roettger, K., & Gollhofer, A. (2013). Effects of Core Instability Strength Training on Trunk Muscle Strength, Spinal Mobility, Dynamic Balance and Functional Mobility in Older Adults. Gerontology59(2), 105–113. doi: 10.1159/000343152
(3)Oh, S.-H., & Yoo, K.-T. (2016). The effects of stabilization exercises using a sling and stretching on the range of motion and cervical alignment of straight neck patients. Journal of Physical Therapy Science28(2), 372–377. doi: 10.1589/jpts.28.372

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Effective Methods for Pain Relief

Chiropractic can help you deal with your posture. It is a safe and effective method at correcting the cause of poor posture.

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FAQs about Chiropractic & Posture

How can I assess my own posture?

Check out blog post below, “Perfect Posture – why your mother was right” for our guide to checking and assessing your posture

Am I too old to improve my posture?

You are never too old to begin working on your posture. We have seen great changes with many patients in their 8th and 9th decade. Unfortunately, the longer the posture has been out of balance, the longer it takes which is why we encourage children and babies to get checked.


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