We are built on the vision to focus on the cause of the pain or symptoms to help people to be extraordinary

About Us

We know that in order to achieve this we need to understand how our bodies were designed to function (which was 50,000 years ago!) and then develop ways to adapt how we move, eat and think in the modern world to be more congruent with these ancestral ways.

Instead of asking the question, “How do I get rid of this symptom?”, we ask “why do I have this symptom?”

Our Care & Recommendations

Our care and recommendations are based on the premise that:

The balance of your spine and nervous system is crucial to your overall health
Pain is sometimes a symptom of imbalance in the spine and nervous system (sublaxation)
Chiropractic adjustments can improve the balance of your spine and nervous system, decrease your pain and increase your chances of better overall health, now and in the future.
The majority of the population could benefit from periodic Chiropractic adjustments
To get well and stay well, our recommendations focus on balancing four areas; Nutrition, Structure, Exercise, Well-being

Our Locations

We have now grown to a team of four Chiropractors with two locations, Paremata and Wellington, but our vision remains the same.


  • Mana Practice
  • Wellington City Practice

Saccro Occipital Technique (SOT)

Our specialised Chiropractic technique is called SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique), an approach that looks at your body as a whole to help you get to the cause of the problem the fastest.

We also utilise diversified, thompson, activator, logan basic and applied kinesiology. If you have a particular technique that works well for your body, please let your Chiropractor know.


Chiro & You

We work with a range of ages and stages,
and with the belief that all people are designed to be extraordinary

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