Chiropractic & Lower Back & Hip Pain

Do you have:

  • Muscle spasm in the back or gluteals
  • Pain getting up from sitting or getting out of bed
  • Joint and bone degeneration (osteoarthritis)
  • Lack of flexibility in hips or legs
  • Sciatica (shooting pain down one or both legs)

Eight out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their lives(1). While it is common to reach for over-the-counter pain medications to reduce the pain, at Chiropractic Balance we ask ‘What is the cause of your low back pain?’

Frequently the cause of low back pain is an imbalance of the spine and nerves (subluxation) and it’s unlikely to get better on its own (2). Medication may reduce the pain but it often doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

The good news is help is at hand: Spinal imbalance is what our Chiropractors’ specialise in identifying and correcting. A 2019 study suggested that patients who saw a chiropractor as their initial provider for low back pain had 90% decreased odds of both early and long-term pain, opioid use (3). In fact it is now recommended by the American College of Physicians that patients with chronic low back pain, should initially select non-pharmacologic treatment, including chiropractic adjustments (4).

If you have low back or hip pain, at your first visit we will review your history and do a thorough examination to see if imbalance is causing your back pain. If it is, we will begin working on correcting it. But we don’t stop there, we also examine the rest of your spine and body to see if its contributing to your imbalance and look at your lifestyle for what might have caused the imbalance in the first place. We help you focus on making supportive changes that can include exercise, nutrition, posture advice and well-being.


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Effective Methods for Pain Relief

Chiropractic may help you deal with your back pain without popping pills. It is a safe and effective method in correcting the cause of lower back and hip pain.

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FAQs about Chiropractic & Lower Back and Hip Pain

What stretches can help low back pain?

It depends on the exact location of your pain, most commonly anything that opens up the joints, like pulling your knees into your chest.

What two postures cause low back pain and hip pain?

The two most common postures to cause low back and hip pain are an increase in the low back curve (sway back) and when there is more weight going through one leg than the other. If you have these postural imbalances, it is likely chiropractic may help


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