Do you need a Chiro?

Unsure whether you need a Chiro? We’ve put together a quiz to get a gauge of your
lifestyle and potential things that are preventing you from being extraordinary

Question 1

Do you have back or neck pain in the same place once or more per year?

Question 2

Do you find yourself slouching or being told to sit up straight?

Question 3

Do you feel that you have muscle knots or tension that are always there?

Question 4

Does discomfort cause you to lose focus/concentration and energy throughout the day?

Question 5

Have you ever injured your body or been in a car accident?

Question 6

Do you feel the need to ‘crack’ your own back?

Question 7

Does your body feel like it stiffens when you sit down after a busy day?

Question 8

Do you ever get pinching or catching in your neck when you turn your head?

Question 9

Do you ever get a pinching or catching sensation in your back with bending forward or twisting?

Question 10

Do you have a hard time getting comfortable in your bed or do you wake up with pain at night?

Question 11

Do you regularly stay in one position for more than 1 hour at a time?

Question 12

Do you get headaches more than once per month?

Question 13

Do you feel as though you are limited in the activities that you can undertake because of your physical state?

Question 14

Do you find the benefits of massage or stretching to be relatively short-lived?

Question 15

Do you fatigue during workouts faster than you feel you should?

Question 16

Do you have jaw pain or do you grind or clench your teeth at night?

Question 17

Are you currently pregnant?

Question 18

Are you wanting to be physically active for many years?

Question 19

Are you interested in getting out of pain without reliance on medication or surgery?

Question 20

Are you wanting an approach that will help you to get a cause of your pain & get exercise, nutrition and well-being advice where necessary?

You answered yes to

If you answered yes
11+ times

It is extremely likely you would benefit from Chiropractic Balance!

We help people just like you everyday! Why put up with being sub-optimal when help is likely available. Chiropractors deal with imbalances in your spine which often cause the symptoms you have described in your answers. Get results now by taking action towards better quality of life. Book your first visit today!

If you answered yes
5-10 times

It is very likely you would benefit from Chiropractic

Your body is designed to be extraordinary but unfortunately it was designed 50,000 years ago when life was completely different. Your quiz results suggest your spine and body are having some challenges adapting to today’s modern living. We help people just like you everyday.

If you answered yes
4 or less times

You should consider seeing a Chiropractor

Looking after your spine and nervous system should be done regularly, just like going to the dentist for a check up or taking your car for a warrant of fitness. Spines need help to stay balanced and ensure good health is maintained and that’s what we specialise in at Chiropractic Balance. While your quality of life may not seem significantly hindered currently, this is often the best time to ensure you reduce the chance of future problems and increase the chance of a healthy spine, long term. Schedule a consultation today to see how you can redefine your definition of health and well-being

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