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Why are there as many diets as there are days of the year?

Unless you want to do try a different diet every day for a year, you may want to learn the answers that Nutritionist & Researcher Ben Warren has dedicated his career to discovering.

Ben has spent years testing many of the principles of nutrition and asking the hard questions:

What is the best diet?
Why do different diets work for different people?

Spanish Eggs & Chorizo Spanish Eggs & Chorizo

I went along to his inspiring seminar and decided I should be a guinea pig and follow his 6-week ‘Be Pure’ programme so that I could share it with you and help you reach your highest health possible. As usual I got straight into it, and five days later I started Monday morning eating the first meal of the programme: Spanish Eggs with Chorizo (yum yum).

The recipes are amazing, there is nothing prepackaged and no meal replacements. Even for me it was a massive increase in vegetables, but he has so many interesting ways of preparing them that it ever got boring. There were so many good meals, that the biggest problem was wanting to repeat the same ones again!

I was never hungry and didn’t need to count calories or limit portion sizes. At the end of week two, you do a satiety test to begin to discover which foods make you feel the best and keep you fuller longer. During week three I did a questionnaire to further understand my nutritional needs, and discovered I was a ‘mixed type’, more on the carbohydrate side. Based on this, the recipes are tailored to your type.

To give you a quick guideline, if you have warm hands and red ears, you are more likely to do better with a high protein diet, and if you have cold hands and skin tone ears, you are more likely to do better on a low protein diet. This is based on your individual genetic make up.

At first it was a real effort to make sure I was prepared for every meal, by the end of the six weeks I was amazed about how it had become my routine. It will be a challenge to change your habits but you do adapt quickly. I have always been a sweet tooth, and I noticed my cravings really diminished. The other awesome thing was how my mood stabilised a lot. The reason why I am so interested in this for practice members is that what you eat often causes inflammation and pain in the body, and many people following this programme notice a significant reduction in joint problems.

I liked it because it was never overwhelming, a new email arrives each week covering the menu and focus for that 7 days. What was different about it is that it’s not a diet, its a way of eating for life. It also is not a one-size fits all approach, you learn what foods make you feel your best and it caters for different nutritional needs.

Almost anyone can follow a ‘diet’ for a while and lose weight, the challenge comes with sustaining it over a lifetime. The tools and information that you learn in the programme will change the way you think about food and put you in control of your health. What is also brilliant is that you aren’t left to do it all yourself, there is support online and by phone to his incredible team of nutrition and health coaches.

The 6-week programme is only $97 including the phone and email support )or $197 including supplements), he also has a 10 day introduction programme, check out more at I have a sample booklet of parts of the programme in the bookshelf at reception, please check it out at your next adjustment. Some of my favourite recipes include kale and white bean mash, almond fish, red coleslaw and of course the bliss balls.

Why not give it a go, it will take a little bit of effort and a few habit changes but the benefits it will give you will far outweigh these obstacles. Begin today and feel even better tomorrow, you won’t regret it!

Also I am here for support, I’ve been through it so can be there for you. Enjoy my pics of some of the meals, they taste even better than they look. Our goal is to help you get more life in your years, by giving you the opportunity & tools to get healthier & stay healthier through exceptional Chiropractic care & lifestyle modifications. We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help us do a better job. 

Almond Fish, Beans & Red Slaw Almond Fish, Beans & Red Slaw

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