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The Vaxxed Movie: What’s It All About?

This documentary deals with the debate regarding the connection between vaccines and autism. If you have seen the media, you may wonder why people argue this when there is no current research to support any potential relationship between vaccines and autism.

In my experience whenever a documentary causes so much criticism and outcry, it is usually because there is some truth to both arguments and this may challenge our current mainstream thinking. I like to do my own research especially about health issues so I watched VAXXED rather than listen to mainstream or social media.

I discovered that the documentary asks a question that also bothers me:
If there is absolutely no relationship between autism and vaccines, how do you explain the thousands and thousands of parents worldwide that report the development of autistic behaviour in their previously ‘normal’ children after some vaccinations?

VAXXED showed a variety of parents all telling the same story. Their child appeared to be developing normally and within days of the MMR vaccine, they began regressing and have never recovered. These parents usually go to the hospital or their GP and are often told that autism is purely genetic, that they just need to accept it. However autism rates are skyrocketing, in 1975, 1 in 5000 people were autistic, now it is reported as 1 in 68.

A collection of testimonials from these parents show some trends. Most commonly the affected children were in a particular age bracket, they were male and some races were more prevalent. Often the affected child had more than one health challenge before the vaccination, and a hypothesis for this was that perhaps their system was already overloaded and could not detoxify the vaccine.

The CDC and the media continue to say there is no relationship and therefore no one seems to taking action on the data that is being collected from these affected families. Could research and analysis discover if there is a pattern for ‘at risk’ children, and if so could further research find better solutions for vaccinating these kids?

After doing my own investigation I don’t know if 100% of VAXXED is accurate, however I do believe that it should be a priority to research if vaccines can be administered in a way that could reduce or avoid these side effects. So why is this seen as such an outlandish request?

Regardless of your opinion on vaccines or the accuracy of the evidence presented or the credentials of the documentary makers, VAXXED asks challenging questions that are:

  • Why are Vaccine Manufacturers not proactive about encouraging further vaccine safety research?
    • If a manufacturer of a pharmaceutical drug is negligent in safety testing or communicating the risks to patients, successful claimants may be entitled to millions of US dollars in compensation. This is not the case with vaccines, they are not classified as pharmaceutical drugs and therefore often not tested accordingly.
    • There is no incentive for vaccine manufacturers as they are not liable for injury and death caused by their vaccines, instead taxpayers cover this damage (ACC in New Zealand).
  • Is there is a conflict of interest that may cloud the vaccine safety program?
    • The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) implement the US national vaccine program, and collect data about adverse reactions, and are responsible for monitoring vaccine safety. The conflict of interest is that research shows they receive millions of dollars in industry gifts and funding, both directly and indirectly from the same pharmaceutical companies that manufacturer vaccines.
    • The head of the CDC Julie Gerberding resigned in 2009, and took over as the president of Merck’s Vaccine division, a 5 billion dollar a year operation, and the supplier of the largest number of vaccines the CDC recommends.
    • An employee of the CDC, William Thompson released a statement in 2014 admitting that he had been a part of the CDC’s research about MMR and autism in which the results were misrepresented. Three years later, this claim of fraud has still not been investigated further.
    • MEDSAFE (the NZ vaccine safety authority) as well as medical doctors use the CDC as a resource to base their vaccine recommendations on. Are these recommendations influenced by funding and potentially misrepresented research?

As a mother and a health professional I am an advocate for unbiased research that may find a better way of delivering vaccines to our children. I am an advocate for our medical professionals to be provided with unbiased information so they are able to recommend the best advice for their patients.

I do not think that vaccines cause autism, however I think there may be a link between ‘at risk’ children and vaccine exposure. Over the years the best health and medical practices have evolved based on research. I would like to think that the health of our future generation is important enough that we continuously research and evolve vaccines and their administration to ensure maximal safety for our children.

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