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  • Daily habits to balance effects of Stress
    • Calm down busy brain with ‘Switch Off’ time
      • Personal relaxation activity
      • Meditation Buddify app or self-guided
      • Belly breathing Breathe2Relax app
      • Catnap
    • Get fresh air, sunlight, barefoot on grass/sand
    • ‘Device free’ periods 30min before bed
    • Always take a lunch break
    • Activities/people that make you smile & laugh
    • Reflect on what is going well in your day
    • Use ‘night screen mode’ on devices
    • Plan/schedule your day the night before
  • Improve ability to cope with Stress
    • Balance your structure, nutrition, exercise
    • Regular bed time & regular pre-bed routine
    • Schedule a holiday to give break from routine
    • Analyse lifestyle for triggers
    • Address the causes & solutions with life coach or personal work thework.com
    • Write down goals for health and/or life
    • Don’t keep it to yourself, talk about it!
    • Ask about our resource books & online

ChiroBalance Stress Resources


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