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Diabetes Increases Risk of Alzheimer’s



The latest research show diabetes is commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease due to the connection of insulin resistance to the brain. Research now coming out from leading Universities such as Brown and Warren Albert Medical School are highlighting that individuals who have insulin resistance, particularly those with type 2 diabetes, have a 50-65% higher chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Insulin resistance is when the bodies cells do not respond properly to the hormone insulin. The role of insulin allows the cells in our bodies to take glucose to be used as fuel or be stored as fat. However, insulin resistance is when we cannot easily absorb the glucose from our body, which can lead to higher blood sugar levels. As the cells are not able to convert the glucose into energy or fat, the body tries to produce more insulin for this to be able to happen.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program highlights that the higher blood sugar levels in a person’s system can cause inflammation throughout the body and brain. When this inflammation is chronic, research has shown that this is linked to brain changes typical of Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, insulin resistance may deprive the brain cells of glucose needed to function daily causing damage.

Protecting your Brain:

With the risk of Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance on the rise, it is important to consider the factors in our life that we can improve or change. These can be as little as improving diet and physical activity which can have immense protective aspects for your brain and body.

Three easy tips:

  1. Exercise Regularly.
    Aerobic exercise boost circulation throughout your body and brain which helps your body use insulin better. Strength training workouts can enhance insulin sensitivity and lower your blood sugar levels. A variety of workouts throughout the week is beneficial for diabetes control and enhancement of your brain function. 30 minutes is all it takes!
  2. Eat a healthy diet:
    Lower consumption of processed foods and the increase of fibrous vegetables and fruits in your diet will increase and benefit your brain and body.
  3. Manage your body weight:
    People who are over-weight for their body type have an increase risk factor of impairing brain health as well as increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, centralised fat around your body’s organs can be pro-inflammatory.
    Regular exercise, leaving the processed foods out and incorporating more whole foods into your diet can all have beneficial effects on not only your body but your brain as well. As more research is emerging regarding your brain and insulin resistance, easy preventive steps can decrease your chance of type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

So how does Chiropractor Care fit into this?

We know that regular exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight are important factors in preventing diabetes and potentially Alzheimer’s. A Chiropractic adjustment restores normal motion to a joint and reduces inflammation that may surround it. This make exercise less painful and easier to do, as you have more mobility. As mentioned above, regular exercise is one of the most effective ways in maintaining a healthy body-weight. Not only that but a better functioning spine means that receptors in the body send information to and from your brain more accurately leading to an overall improvement in health.

Holistic Approach

We want to get you feeling better and keep you that way. Our winning formula involves looking at Chiropractic care, posture, exercise, nutrition and well-being.

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