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Why I have not used a Microwave for over 3 years

Despite being a common kitchen appliance, a radiation expert advises keeping children away from microwaves. Despite being a common kitchen appliance, a radiation expert advises keeping children away from microwaves.

I have never really liked the idea of microwaves, they work by disturbing the particles in your food so that they heat up. Because of this I had never used the microwave much and so when we moved back to NZ 3.5 years ago we chose not to have one in our house and I found it amazing how quickly I adapted.

Yes there are times that it would be handy, but knowing that it ‘zaps’ any nutritional value from my food and can create cancer causing chemicals in the food is enough to overcome this hassle.

Then I came across this research article in the NZ Herald last week: Microwaves also leak radiation that can be harmful to your health if you are nearby. Read on and make your own choice.

The real dangers of microwaves

Friday, 19 August 2016

It’s a well-used item in many kitchens, but health experts say a microwave that is leaking radiation can cause a range of health problems. Radiation expert Professor Magda Havas, of Trent University in the UK, says while microwaves are suposed to have mechanisms to protect against leaks, many still emit harmful radiation.

“I’ve tested over a dozen of the most popular brands, and every single one that I’ve tested has leaked,” she told the Daily Mail.

As our bodies are largely made of water, they readily absorb radiation. From promoting cataracts to leading to changes in blood vessels, she described the ways regular use of microwaves may be harming our health.


While there are conflicting opinions on the dangers of microwave use, many scientists agree they can be a factor in causing cataracts. A common cause of poor vision in people over the age of 40, the condition leads to blindness.

“Standing in front of your oven watching your food go around unequivocally causes cataracts,” Professor Havas told the Daily Mail. “If you do it over and over and over again you will damage your eyes.”


There can be a range of carcinogens present in a microwaved meal. Microwaveable food contains specific chemicals to aid the process, such as BPA, polyethylene terpthalate (PET), benzene, toluene, and xylene – which have all been linked to cancer. Plastic containers also leak carcinogens when they are heated in the microwave.

Heart problems

As part of her research, Professor Havas monitored the heart rate of people standing near microwave ovens. In what she determined as “unequivocal evidence” that microwave frequency affects the heart, every person monitored experienced a variation in heart rate while the oven was on.

Blood vessel changes

A Swiss study found people who ate microwaveable meals experienced a drop in red blood cells, and a rise in white blood cells and cholesterol levels.

How to avoid the dangers

Despite her research findings, Professor Havas does own a microwave, but says she uses it in a specific way. To protect against radiation, she recommends leaving the room when the microwave is on.

“If you’re going to use it, go out of the kitchen, she told the Daily Mail. “Don’t just stand on the other side of a wall, really walk away. The waves travel through walls so you are still at risk.”

She also advises using the microwave only when children are well away from the appliance.

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