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Chiropractic beyond back pain!

For most people when you mention a Chiropractor, they think Chiropractic is only about BAD BACKS; I was once one of those people too. At 16 years old I am now very grateful that I went to a chiropractor’s office with back pain. At the time I struggled with my weight and I had a whole bag of sprays and creams that I always needed to carry with me for my constant eruptions of eczema and permanent sinus problems. But I thought I was pretty healthy- I just needed to get rid of this pain. I see MANY people in a similar scenario EVERY day.

The Chiropractor explained to me that I had Subluxation, which is an area of my lower spine that is jammed up and misaligned- and this was most likely interfering with nerve flow and may be the cause of my pain. That made sense to me, but he didn’t stop there. He continued to examine my spine and found that I also had Subluxation in my neck, and the nerves that flowed through this area went to my sinuses and a lot of my immune system therefore I may not be getting optimal nerve supply to these areas. Now I was starting to think this guy was a bit crazy. He further explained that to be healthy I needed to get my body healthy from the inside, I needed to get my spine and nerves in balance, as well as my diet, my exercise and my mind. And he was even rude enough to say that all of my creams and sprays would never solve the problem, they would only mask the symptoms. By now I had decided that he was nuts, what does a Chiropractor know about skin and sinuses anyway? But he ‘fixed’ my back, and I went on living my life as I had always done.

Then two years later at 18 years old, surprise surprise, my skin erupted yet again and I ended up seeing my 10th skin specialist who told me that I had ATOPIC allergies, and I needed yet another stronger cortisone cream. As long as I lived the rest of my life without getting too sweaty, and I didn’t choose a profession that was hands-on, then I should be able to keep it under control.

Suddenly I had had ENOUGH. Wasn’t that what I had been doing for the last 18 years? Look where it had got me. I looked at my Mum who suffered with very similar problems and followed the same specialists advice, and her health was not looking great. If I wanted a different outcome for me, I needed to do something different. I wanted to know more about what that chiropractor was on about. That is what pushed me to study and become a Chiropractor- to understand the secret of true health and be able to share this information with others.

I began learning that I was in fact responsible for my health, and my current health was a result of all of the choices I had made over my life. If I wanted better health, I had to make better choices. But what was the right choice? The first thing I needed to do was get my spine, posture and Nervous System working right.

You can learn this too! Start learning how to get your spine, posture and Nervous System working right by emailing us to book in for our POSTURE for LIFE 30 minute seminar on Wed 19th June at 7pm. Mention this blog and receive a complimentary pass for you and a friend (worth $15). 

Better health is only ONE CHOICE away, how could you make one better choice today?


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